Cakesep  Filtration System

We can offer an excellent technology "Cakesep Filtration System" which will enable user to carry out all operations viz. Filling, Filtration, Hold-up Filtration, Cake Drying, and Cake Washing till dry cake discharge in a complete closed system as per GMP requirement.



  • Fully manual to Fully Automated variant available.
  • Dry or wet cake discharge.
  • A completely closed system with no human exposure to process with in-situ CIP.
  • Advanced spray washing option instead of conventional displacement washing reduces washing liquid volume almost 10 times.
  • Complete recovery of Solid & Liquid.
  • No moving part, hence no maintenance.
  • Skid mounted system.
  • Filtration area available from 0.02 sq. m. to 150 sq. m.


  • Catalyst recovery in Pharma / API industries.
  • Charcoal / Activated Carbon Filtration from the stream.
  • Brine recovery.
  • Solid liquid separation in chemical industry especially in chlor-alkali segment.